Amateur Web Designers in Malaysia

Web designing traditionally used to be a task for the professional and took days of designing a website by them. However, now with the advent of such sites such as Squarespace, GoDaddy, WordPress and others has made it simple and intuitive enough that an ordinary person with a few hours of tutorials will be able to design a website of their own without hiring a web designer.

This used to be available and more common in other countries but it has gained in popularity in Malaysia in the recent years. Web designing websites such as Squarespace and GoDaddy are simple and designed so fantastically that users without prior knowledge of web design will be able to design a website without even a tutorial.

Since web design has become so important in the web design Malaysia online landscape, this do-it-yourself web design sites may be challenging traditional web designers in getting individual clients but traditional web designers are gaining far more clients in the form of companies that need websites to be professionally done due to the aspect of good web page ranking, website usability and a good implementation of search engine optimization.

Web design is now a multi-billion dollar industry in Malaysia and is projected to grow even more by the next year. Hence, the need for professionally done websites will continue to grow and with even more companies entering the Malaysian economy and with more Malaysians preferring to do commerce, shopping, or simply searching up ideas on the internet, web designers will continue to have a market to grow in.

Even with competition from the average person thanks to websites that provide the tools and knowledge to design websites easily due to more large multinational corporation entering the Malaysian online space.