A cordless drill is one of the most common types of drill used in homes and runs on rechargeable batteries. It has similar features to an Alternating Current (AC) powered drill and has the hammer drill setting where the majority of the cordless drill has a clutch. The clutch helps in boring the screws into various workpieces without damaging the material.

Furthermore, cordless drills also have right angle drills, which gives the user the ability to drive the screws into areas with tight spaces. With the innovation of better and long-lasting batteries that allows for longer drilling with the cordless drill, however, drills that bore larger holes at a dimension of 0.5 to 1 inch and larger would quickly drain the batteries. It is advised to carry spare batteries when required to use the drill continuously for a long period of time without needing to wait a minimum of one hour for recharging.

Comparing the cordless drill with a bench drill press, the cordless drill is portable, compact, and shaped like a pistol for hand-held work. The bench drill press, on the other hand, is placed on a structure or on the floor as a drill press stand. It is made for slightly heavier projects especially for those who are working with wood constantly. But, the bench drill press does not use rechargeable batteries and requires electric current from a plug.

Depending on the type of user, casual users are advised to choose hand-held drills like the cordless drill and the hand-drill while those who are required to use the drill every day for work would most probably prefer something sturdier like a drill press for a more accurate drilling result.