A lot of things are getting replaced with a digitized or electronic version of themselves. One of the best examples of this is how electronic money is much more preferred these days due to its convenience to spend and have a safer space to store. Goods and services are also popularly utilized online since the creation of the internet and people have been purchasing items or working online. But what if we were to replace all of our keys and locks into digitized ones as well?

Digitized and electronic keys and locks have already been invented and have existed over the years. Examples of these types of digital security keys are key cards, keypads, and biometric security. The pros and cons that come with digitized security are still discussed as for one, it is great for a more in-depth form of security such as scanning a fingerprint or double the security with one-time security pin codes. But these certainly won’t do well especially with the risk of hacking technology or power consumption.

Physical locks and keys have their own pros and cons as well. It is great to have a set of keys that allows you to keep your belongings safe as long as you know where your keys are. On the other hand, they can be easily broken into if not maintained or the lock is flimsy in quality.

Still, there is no doubt that having at least a set of physical lock and key is a must in every home. As technology continues to advance and more and more digitized security products are advertised, there is no harm in having a good set of physical security from a key smith for your home.