Fact is, people don’t like this world. This world is just full of adversities that can make people unhappy. For one, life is short here and not only that, it is easy to get sick that can shorten even the already short lifespan.

That is why they would rather fantasize to be in a world where they don’t grow old and where they can do just about everything. Yes and this is probably one of the many reasons why fantasy and sci-fi movies are doing well in the box office.

Do you also love these types of movies? I am pretty sure you do. In fact, you can check below some of the best reasons why people find this genre exciting to watch:

It is the type of movie that everyone can watch. Whether you are too old or too young, you will be accepted by the movie house. In short, most of the time, movies like these have no age restrictions. Thus one can easily bring his entire family to have a good time.

Though it is not good, this is also the reason why those third sexes will choose to watch movies like these. This is the world where they can tolerate their unworldly preferences which they have a hard time doing in this world.

No matter how mature we are already, there is always a child in us. This characteristic in us will never be lost but is just suppressed. With the fantasy and sci-fi movies, the child in us will be addressed.

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